Click to view my capabilities portfolio on Slideshare

Click to view my capabilities portfolio on Slideshare

I offer a wide range of strategic consulting services for both nonprofits and foundations, some of which are listed below. Please contact me for more options and details.

Web site evaluation

A Web site is a major investment for nonprofits. Protect yours by making sure it’s offering users the content they want in the ways they prefer. Because communications technologies are moving so fast, I recommend a thorough evaluation of your Web site every year. Includes evaluation report and specific recommendations. Average duration: 1 month

Web site content development

Design is important, but these days content is king. It’s critical that your Web site has the right content written in a style for the web with your strategic communication goals in mind. Includes content outline; writing; identifying and, if desired, locating photos; and working with web designers to assure your site meets the needs of your key audiences and your organization. Average duration: 6 months

Communication audits

Without understanding the big picture of your communications efforts, it’s hard to plan how to get where you want to go. Whenever you begin a strategic communications plan, start with a thorough analysis and evaluation of all your communications activities, channels, and products. Includes a report and recommendations. Average duration: 1-3 months

Strategic communication planning

Without a robust strategic communications plan, you can easily get off course and end up with very little return on your communications investments. Your best hope for measurable impact, planning involves three stages: 1) discovery (deep research on your organization and its peers); 2) the development of a strategy and related message platform (from taglines to elevator speeches to talking points to issue frames, as needed) and, if desired, message testing with key audiences; and 3) a tactical plan directly related to your strategic plan, which includes evaluation recommendations. I am also available to evaluate existing strategic communications plans. Average duration: 2-4 months

Social media strategy

Get clear on which social media platforms make the most sense for your organization and your strategy for using them to advance your cause. Also think through staff and budget implications. Only then should you start building out and integrating your social media platforms, making absolutely sure they support your overall strategic communications planning. Average duration: 1-3 months

Video content development

We’ve all seen moving and beautiful videos that convey no strategic communications message or call to action. What a waste of time, money, and energy. As important as good videography is to your creative effort, the communications strategy is even more important. Includes development of the story arc and messages, working with videographer of your choice, and video marketing ideas, if desired. Average duration: 1-3 months

Nonprofit blogging and tweeting

Most nonprofits with a Web site should at least consider the advantages of starting an institutional blog. Blogs are one of the best ways to keep Web content fresh, add interactivity and personality, and drive traffic to your site. I can work with organizational bloggers to determine the strategy and content of the blog, frequency of posts, blog design and features, evaluation metrics, and blogging policies, as well as teach them how to write good posts, where to get inspiration, and how plan a blog production calendar. I can do the same for Twitter. Average duration: 1 month

Competition analysis

In such a competitive funding climate, it pays to understand the communications strategies and tactics (especially the successful ones) of your peers. It can help you create a more distinctive marketing niche. Report includes a thorough communications analysis, comparison, and evaluation of up to 6 of your peers, plus specific marketing recommendations. Average duration: 1 month


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  1. IMPACTMAX Says:

    Hi Narain,

    Boston is a beehive of social media types–so I’m sure you can find someone great there. The only contact I have in that area is a fundraising expert named Rick Schwartz. He’s done two past guest posts on my blog and is a great resource. Check out the guest posts. He also knows about other communications topics, but probably would not be the best person for social media. But maybe you can use some other area of his expertise! There’s a link to his web site on his two guest posts, so you can contact him through there. Please mention my name. And good luck! Boston is a wonderful place!

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