Use Pinterest to track media coverage

Old NewsThere are lots of useful ways for nonprofits to use Pinterest, not only to engage their stakeholders but to carry out communications tasks.

For organizations that track their media coverage through Google alerts or another online monitoring system–think about using Pinterest as the collection point for all that coverage. Start a “2015 Media Coverage” Pinterest board and every time you find a media story about your nonprofit, pin it to the   board, noting the name of the media outlet and the date (the article title usually generates automatically).

This not only is more efficient (and fun) than keeping a running list, but also is a cool, visual, interactive way to share your media coverage at the end of the year with board members and other fans.

While you’re at it, think of other ways that Pinterest might serve as a quick repository for other information.

  • Do you produce feature articles about your work? Start a feature article Pinterest board that you can share to demonstrate your activities and impact in one place.
  • For funders, do you keep tabs on media articles about your grantees? Create a board for that.
  • Are you researching a particular topic online and want to keep the best resources you find handy? Create a temporary board.
  • Do you want to keep a record of the best nonprofit infographic or annual report design–use Pinterest!

Flickr Creative Commons photo credit: Doug Wheller


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