Nonprofits: New look for Twitter and LinkedIn profiles

In the past few weeks, two big social media platforms—Twitter and LinkedIn—retooled the look of their profiles. And–no surprise—both changes focus on adding fantastic IMAGES.

Nonprofits should get in on the action. Here’s the scoop on today’s public roll-out of the new LinkedIn company profiles. And here’s a good article from Mashable about the new Twitter profiles.

First, get inspired! Want some examples of what other nonprofits new profiles look like? I’ve included an image of the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s new LinkedIn profile page–but since this change happened just today, I couldn’t find any other new nonprofit pages. I’ll keep my eyes open and add examples to this post as I find them. But here are some new Twitter profiles.

Now, down to the nitty-gritty…exactly how to make the changes. These two blog posts on Nonprofit Tech 2.0 provide simple instructions for how to rock the new looks for Twitter and LinkedIn. TIP: Pay careful attention to the optimal sizes for the images on each medium. And really be strategic with these photos.


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