Free tool of the week: Fenton’s Best Practice Guides

fentonCaptureYou might want to take a look at these free, downloadable guides to communications best practices put out by Fenton Communications, a firm that works with nonprofits. I’ve just listed some of the guides. For others, go to the Fenton Web site.

Watta? (What are they talking about) guide is designed to give you a well-grounded overview of Web 2.0, social media, and how to succeed in this new communications paradigm.

Proving Your Worth: 10 Ways to Measure the Impact of Your Communications shows you how to evaluate whether your communications efforts are hitting the mark and getting results.

This Just In summarizes 10 lessons from more than 25 years of learning from Fenton Communications’ partnerships with nonprofit clients to make social change.

Take a Position: 10 Tips to Set Your Organization Apart talks about positioning and how you set yourself apart from the other 1.4 million nonprofits in the U.S.

Now Hear This: The Nine Laws of Successful Advocacy Communications helps you learn how to describe what your organization does and what it stands for.

Making a Name for Yourself: Branding for Nonprofits explains the fundamentals involved in creating a successful brand in today’s saturated market.



One Response to “Free tool of the week: Fenton’s Best Practice Guides”

  1. anthony Says:

    The Fenton’s Best Practice Guides contain very valuable information. I rally liked them.

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