Free tool of the week: Online collaboration tools



(Another little break in my parade of online storytelling and presentation tools.)

Since collaboration is such a hot topic these days, I thought it might be useful to do an overview post about the online tools that make it easier and less expensive than ever. Many of these tools are free, or very low cost. (Even with cool tools, collaboration can still be challenging. That’s a whole other post to come.)

Whether you’re interested in working with a group of people outside of your organization or interested in creating a more collaborative internal environment, here’s a great collaborative map from Robin Good showing the best tools available for different kinds of collaboration. (Zoom in for the links to each web site.)

To help you choose the right collaboration tool, the Idealware blog offers quick comparisons of some the major options, including a nifty little chart. And here’s a list of 27  free must-have online collaboration tools from crazeegeekchick.

Techsoup offers tips about eight free software products to help manage far-flung teams, and this post from Wild Apricot’s blog explains how nonprofit boards and staffs can use free Google docs and spreadsheets to work more collaboratively on strategic planning.

Go forth and co-create!

And I’d love it if you could share information about any of YOUR favorite collaboration tools!

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11 Responses to “Free tool of the week: Online collaboration tools”

  1. Amy Shropshire Says:

    I use Liquid Planner ( and we absolutely love it! It’s a pay site…but not for nonprofits. They have a form you fill out with your EIN and they waive the monthly fee but you still get all of the functionality!

  2. IMPACTMAX Says:

    Thanks, Amy, for sharing this recommendation!

  3. Karen Says:

    I tried BaseCamp and it worked pretty well.
    It’s easy to manage projects both for inside attendants and outside agencies.

  4. Kathy Catoe Says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful and comprehensive list!

    Kathy Catoe
    Marketing and Sales Professional

  5. Christine Hueber Says:

    Great recommendations to use with my clients … thanks!

  6. Michael Hartzell Says:

    Very … very nice.
    I give you big WOW backwards. This information is very helpful.

    I use Personal Brain at which allows me to organize and communicate. Since Personal Brain is FREE, and can be downloaded, it is pretty simple.

    BUT the resources you have here are great.

    I am now following you and give this a tweet.


  7. Michael Cavitt Says:

    Great job Gayle. I’ve sent a half dozen emails referencing what you pulled together.

    Send me an email. I would like to have coffee when I get back to TC next week.

  8. nicolefincham Says:

    Great Job Gayle! I also agree with Amy, Liquid Planner is by far my favorite. I’ve tried at least a dozen of them.

  9. efiling form 990, questions and answers | Not-For-Profit Accounting Says:

    […] some tips on online collaboration tools? Gayle C. Thorsen at IMPACTMAX has a good rundown on some resources that should help […]

  10. Smith Says: I am using it and it works fine for me. Free tool

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