Free tool of the week: Glogster for interactive posters you can share

glog3CaptureThis week I’m back on the trail of online storytelling tools for nonprofits and foundations. In past weeks, I’ve reviewed Yodio, Animoto, and Prezi. This week it’s Glogster.

Glogster lets you create interactive “posters” using various bits of pre-made and user-generated content—video, photos, music, text, graphics, etc. You can use this service and save/publish your glogs without registering, which is handy. And, it’s fun to use!

If you look at Glogster’s homepage (above), you might think this is a self-expression tool for teens. It’s that, and much more I think. In a matter of about 15 minutes, I whipped up two super-simple cause posters about the need for youth development opportunities. They’re no award winners, but I got a sense for how powerful these posters might be if you spent more time and thought on them. I didn’t even explore the music aspect, but that could be a nice effect. Just click twice on the images to go to the full sized glogs. (Note: The one on the right has an embedded Youtube video.) For a better idea of the range of this tool, check out new glogs featured on the Glogster site.


The creative process is simple, but you do have to download videos, music, and photos before you can place them on your glog.

Sharing glogs is pretty easy, too. You can send them by email; bookmark them; and embed them on Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, WordPress, and other social media sites.

This could be a great way for nonprofits to create unique, engaging visuals for special event announcements, fund-raising appeals, donor thank yous, or even cause or educational messages. (NOTE: If you’re going to create a glog without professional design guidance, it might be a good idea to review my Design Eye-Q post from a few weeks back.)

Hope you find glogging as promising as I do!



3 Responses to “Free tool of the week: Glogster for interactive posters you can share”

  1. Amy Shropshire Says:

    I think I’ve seen this site before but I’ve never thought of it to use for nonprofit communications! Thanks for the idea!

  2. Stacy Lukas Says:

    I signed up for Glogster a couple months ago and at first I got the impression that it was a little too MySpace-y, but after I explored a bit I realized that it could be a great educational tool. I work with a few nonprofits & that lightbulb never went off in my head until I read this, but you’re right. Would be great for those in many ways, like you said.

    Unfortunately I haven’t made one yet, I’ll admit that I’m not exactly the most visually creative. (Much more of a “word person”.)

    Thanks for bringing Glogster back to the forefront of my mind!

  3. 3 cool, creative, free communications tools for nonprofits « IMPACTMAX Says:

    […] year I blogged about the promise of Animoto, Glogster, and Yodio as free ways to add more zip to your photos. I’ll add one more–Kizoa. I […]

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