Free tool of the week: Digital Identity Workbook for nonprofits

DIM captureI’m so glad I found this gem last week when Nancy White released it on her blog. It’s too good to keep to myself another day, so I’m taking a break from my review of digital storytelling tools to share it. (Back next week with Glogster!)

It’s a new hands-on workbook for nonprofits about their digital identities—how to think about and intentionally plan for your organization’s online profile. Because your digital identity is gleaned from dozens of different online sources, you have to know what’s already out there and be strategic about what additional information/resources you want to add.

Here’s how the workbook—entitled ThisIsMe—defines digital identity.

As you use more and more online services which allow user content and discussion, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Delicious, Twitter, Google, blogs and so on, you leave a ‘digital footprint’. This ‘footprint’ is what makes up your Digital Identity– all those things which can be found out about you from the content you post, the profiles you make, the conversations you have with others and the things other people post about you.

This identity is closely tied to your organizational culture, your brand, your reputation, and your future! You can’t control it completely, but you should understand it, monitor it, and manage it as much as possible—always in an authentic way.

The workbook is a series of exercises and worksheets that lead you deeper into understanding your current digital profile and its implications for your key audiences, then to the ethical and best practice decisions you’ll need to make going forward. Ultimately, it helps you manage your digital identity and set policies that guide future organizational behavior. It also includes a helpful digital identity mapping tool (above photo).

I have yet to see a better guide to this topic, which is getting to be a MUST DISCUSS issue for many nonprofits who now use social media and web 2.5 tools. Make time to use these worksheets; have this discussion sooner rather than later.

By the way, this workbook—thanks to Creative Commons licensing—was based on an original from the UK.



5 Responses to “Free tool of the week: Digital Identity Workbook for nonprofits”

  1. Barbara Talisman Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this information! Great resource!

  2. Nancy White Says:

    Hey, thank you! I’m glad you found it useful. It is based on the fabulous work the folks at Reading University in the UK have done – their site is noted in the blog post.

    If you have any suggestions for improvements, additions, whatever, please chime in. The version I posted is now V2 after some good input. And feel free to elaborate because it is CC licensing!

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