Free tool of the week: Tutorials on taking better photos



In my last post, I encouraged budget-conscious nonprofit staff members to consider taking their own digital photographs instead of hiring professionals every time they need images for Web sites or publications.

But I also cautioned that those photos had better be good, or you really haven’t saved any money. You’ve just compromised the quality of your communications.

Spend 20 minutes a week on these few sites to become a much better photographer. As powerful as visual images are, it’s well worth the effort to master the basics of this art form. (Oh, and the first rule is READ YOUR CAMERA’S MANUAL!)

Start with Amateur Snapper’s 10 top photographic composition rules and Digital Photography Schools’ composition tips.

Then explore DPS’s 10 ways to take stunning portraits and idigitalphoto’s list of 60-second lessons to improve your photography.

Finally, check out 10 questions to ask yourself before you take the photo.

And don’t forget to explore free online photo editing applications like Picasa, Piknik, and Gimp.

NOTE: At long last I’ve added the page of nonprofit social media case studies I promised a couple of months ago. If you’ve got a good candidate to add, please let me know in a comment. Thanks.



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