Free tool of the week: CommonCraft tutorials on social media tools



Need to introduce your staff or anyone else to social media tools?

CommonCraft offers a set of nine very short (3-4 minutes each) beautifully simple YouTube tutorials in plain English that appeal to even the least experienced among us. They really are small works of genius. Use one a week at your staff meetings, then spend a few minutes talking about possible work setting applications.

The videos include: RSS, social media, social networking, social bookmarking, online photo sharing, blogs, podcasting, twitter, and wikis. Here’s the one on wikis to give you a taste.


CC photo credit: dorineruter


2 Responses to “Free tool of the week: CommonCraft tutorials on social media tools”

  1. Charlie Quirk Says:

    Great post Gayle! The Common Craft husband and wife duo of Sachi and Lee LeFever are brilliant at what they do and provide a great service. They have really made the field of explanatory videos their own!

  2. Resources from some of my favorite nonprofit and fundraising blogs Says:

    […] ImpactMax has a Free Tool of the Week: Tutorials on Social Media Tools […]

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