Free tool of the week: Keys to good meetings



In lean times, when nonprofits and foundations can’t afford to waste precious staff time, hold as few meetings as necessary and make sure each results in a decision or an action.

Communicators can help management lead the way here, and that isn’t an inconsequential contribution. In many organizations, staff can spend up to one-third of their time in meetings.

We meet for all different kinds of reasons. But, as Seth Godin suggests in this great post, there really are only three kinds of meetings—information, discussion, and permission. I’d take it a step farther and suggest that in this age of email, voicemail, IM, file sharing, Huddle, Yammer, etc.—most information meetings aren’t necessary anymore.

Here’s a quick video and even quicker SlideShare presentation that clarify the ingredients and outcomes of a great small group meeting. (And just today Godin did a must-read post about the importance and strategies of good meetings.)

For the next month, make it a point to focus on lowering the frequency and raising the quality of your organization’s meetings, using the advice in these videos. I bet you’ll notice a big difference in staff engagement and progress made.

CC photo credit: KoreanResourceCenter



One Response to “Free tool of the week: Keys to good meetings”

  1. Marjorie Says:

    These are helpful tips. Thanks!

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