Free tool of the week: PitchEngine lets you create and distribute social media releases


I blogged a while back about the desirability of nonprofits and foundations using social media releases rather than traditional press releases to share their big news with media. I know social media releases are still an emerging tool for many, but PitchEngine is a dandy way to try it out–free!

Social media releases efficiently organize of a variety of online resources to make the journalist’s job easier. In the previous post I gave you a template for developing your own social media releases, but PitchEngine does all that for you, and more. It has a great template that you plug all your information into, it hosts your release, and offers you many ways to share your release with media, friends, supporters, etc. Four short how-to videos get you started.

PitchEngine is billed as a place for PR pros to get together with journalists, because the service can be used by public relations practitioners AND by journalists trolling for story ideas. But it’s also a cool tool for nonprofit communicators to consider using. Your free release is active for 30 days, then is deleted–unless you sign up for a paid newsroom archive. For now, just use the release building template, share your release with your key media contacts through their email function, and use any of their other distribution methods that make sense for your organization. Experiment and see what happens. (If demand warrants–you can always sign up for the archive function later.) They also send your release out through their PitchFeed.

Next time you have a big enough story, with online resources you’d like to include (photos, slideshows, videos, bookmarks, links, etc.)–simply sign up for and try out PitchEngine. There’s a built-in Twitter function that lets anyone immediately tweet it, and if your organization has social media pages there are also opportunities to automatically share a summary of the release on those pages. You’ll end up with a much richer and more engaging release and very efficient distribution flexibility. As as Social Media Today says: social media relations is clean, green, and smart!


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