Media coverage + handwritten note = powerful touch for nonprofits



When you combine the power of the handwritten note with the impact of objective media coverage, you can make a memorable impression on your key funders, supporters, potential supporters, and partners. It’s all about building stronger relationships.

If you’re fortunate enough to receive positive media coverage, leverage it by attaching a short, personal hand-written note to a copy of the article and sending it to the people you want to see it. That may only be a handful of people. This isn’t mass production; it’s human touch. You can also do this with media articles that don’t mention your organization but that cover points you want particular people to understand.

On your note, include the big message that you want them to take away from the article—without sounding institutional. This is you talking to a friend. It may take a little longer than sending emails with links or scans, but it will leave a more lasting impression. People read these personal touch communications in a different way than they do an email. (Who among us doesn’t love to see in our mailbox—amid the junk and business mail—a hand-addressed envelope?)

Don’t hesitate to use handwritten notes for other important communications where you want a more personal feel—especially thank you’s! It’s a great practice to send them to reporters who have done a good job covering your issue or organization. (They get a lot of story pitches, but very few thank you’s.)

CC photo credit: klmontgomery


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