Listen when TED talks




Once a week—at a moment when my energy is low and I need inspiration—I tune into TED talks. They’re better than caffeine, more like a whopping dose of Vitamin B for my creativity. These shortish talks by the big names/big brains in fields from technology to the arts always pull me out of the trees to see the forest. Often, I’m left in the land of WOW.

It’s so easy to chug along producing this communications product and planning that tactic. At the end of the week, your to-do list will have things checked off but you may not feel anything but relief.

Keep yourself passionate—you owe it to organization. Give your self some space; let go of the details for 30 minutes and listen to Great Big Ideas. They don’t even have to be ideas that relate to your work. They still open you up and expose you to new ways of seeing and thinking about the future. You won’t come out with 10 things to add to your to-do list (who needs that anyway), but you will have breathed deeply and inhaled larger air. I guarantee you’ll feel refreshed.

Here are two I recommend to get you started: Kevin Kelly on the future of the internet and Howard Rheingold on the future of collaboration. Fasten your safety belt.

CC photo credit: Lilly


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